Is it really possible to lose weight fast? What is the secret to quick weight loss? Can it for real be done? If so, how??? People tell me their story and then they always say something like, “I just want to lose this weight as fast as possible! I’ll do WHATEVER it takes! Tell me the fastest way. Give me the secret to quick weight loss, Please!” Then there are these types of requests: “I need to lose weight very fast because there’s this big event that is coming up in two weeks,” Or something like this, “what’s the secret to losing 20 lbs in three weeks?” These people really do expect some type of intelligent all-knowing answer to ridiculous questions like this. I’ll tell you the secrets to quick weight loss: there are none!

What a big surprise but you know no one wants to workout and diet right so they can get their results slowly and healthy. No, no, fast and as much as possible is the usual request. That leads us to the real question: is fast weight loss really possible? Can it be done effectively? Is there a pill you can take or a diet or workout plan you can follow that will make the pounds slide off faster? Is there, in fact, a SECRET to losing weight fast? Well, the short but truthful answer is: NO! Here’s why.

You shouldn’t try to take off more than 2 lbs a week, MAX! Honey, that IS fast! It is an effective, safe, smart amount to reach for, not to mention healthy. Anything more than that is just, quite frankly, irresponsible. If you’re losing fat at a rate higher than this you are in danger of damaging your organs and your metabolism. Here’s part of the secret to weight loss that they never tell you. The body is not designed to take on or take off weight any quicker than this. So if you are losing weight at 1 to 2 pounds per week, then just accept this fact: you are going the maximum weight loss speed limit! Yup, 1 or 2 pounds lost a week. Not as fast as most people would hope for, but that’s it. Unfortunately, that’s just the way it is because any faster is too dangerous. You can get dehydrated, you can lose electrolytes, your body can become diabetic from kidney overuse. You just can’t lose weight as fast as most folks would prefer. You see, aside from all of the obvious health risks we’ve mentioned, you would be losing muscle rather than fat. That causes even more serious problems and you really don’t want to go there. How’s that for a secret to weight loss? Not satisfied yet? Well, read on.