Is it really possible to lose weight fast? What is the secret to quick weight loss? Can it for real be done? If so, how??? People tell me their story and then they always say something like, “I just want to lose this weight as fast as possible! I’ll do WHATEVER it takes! Tell me the fastest way. Give me the secret to quick weight loss, Please!” Then there are these types of requests: “I need to lose weight very fast because there’s this big event that is coming up in two weeks,” Or something like this, “what’s the secret to losing 20 lbs in three weeks?” These people really do expect some type of intelligent all-knowing answer to ridiculous questions like this. I’ll tell you the secrets to quick weight loss: there are none!

What a big surprise but you know no one wants to workout and diet right so they can get their results slowly and healthy. No, no, fast and as much as possible is the usual request. That leads us to the real question: is fast weight loss really possible? Can it be done effectively? Is there a pill you can take or a diet or workout plan you can follow that will make the pounds slide off faster? Is there, in fact, a SECRET to losing weight fast? Well, the short but truthful answer is: NO! Here’s why.

You shouldn’t try to take off more than 2 lbs a week, MAX! Honey, that IS fast! It is an effective, safe, smart amount to reach for, not to mention healthy. Anything more than that is just, quite frankly, irresponsible. If you’re losing fat at a rate higher than this you are in danger of damaging your organs and your metabolism. Here’s part of the secret to weight loss that they never tell you. The body is not designed to take on or take off weight any quicker than this. So if you are losing weight at 1 to 2 pounds per week, then just accept this fact: you are going the maximum weight loss speed limit! Yup, 1 or 2 pounds lost a week. Not as fast as most people would hope for, but that’s it. Unfortunately, that’s just the way it is because any faster is too dangerous. You can get dehydrated, you can lose electrolytes, your body can become diabetic from kidney overuse. You just can’t lose weight as fast as most folks would prefer. You see, aside from all of the obvious health risks we’ve mentioned, you would be losing muscle rather than fat. That causes even more serious problems and you really don’t want to go there. How’s that for a secret to weight loss? Not satisfied yet? Well, read on.[et_bloom_locked optin_id=”optin_2″]

“Well,” you ask, “what about all those diet pills and products that you see that promise fast weight loss?” They seem to present plenty of evidence of their claims by showing before and after pictures and offering money back guarantees and stuff. Surely, they are telling us lies?” What’s the secret here? Are these a secret weapon for fat loss or are they telling us more lies? The short answer: YES, they are.

Before and after pictures are some of the biggest crock of crap out there. These pictures are faked and it is difficult to believe that people actually fall for this bullshit! Come on, Folks, get real. They have many ways of faking these pictures such as putting the head on another body or showing the actual before and after pictures, except for the fact that they were taken 5 years apart instead of 6 weeks apart as their ads claim. If they paid you enough money and you were a healthy looking individual, do you think you could put on a few pounds and have your picture taken? Then all they’d have to do is reverse the before and after shots.

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Keep in mind that most of these commercials for products have the following disclaimer in small print and it runs so quickly past the screen that most people don’t see it. It says something like, “These results are not typical” or sometimes it might say “Just like every body is different, so are their results. You may not get these results.” or it will just say something that basically means “The person we are showing you right now who says they lost 50 pounds in 4 weeks is a lying dork. We are lying to you. We want your money, so we made up all of this stuff so you buy our useless lose weight fast product.

You shouldn’t expect to get results that are anything even close to those phony ads! They only show them so you will think that you too will get these results when, in truth you really won’t. And as far as the guarantee, statistics show that a very, very low amount of buyers take advantage of product guarantees. Most people just eat the cost and forget about it. That’s what they’re counting on.

These kinds of ads just help to prove the fact that fast weight loss doesn’t exist, unless of course your idea of fast weight loss is losing 1 or 2 pounds a week. There is no type of machine, no specialized diet plan, no miracle workout, no God sent pill, no miracle or special anything that will allow you to lose weight quickly, safely and healthy. The only proven method to lose weight is to just eat right and workout correctly. Do it and keep on doing it. It won’t happen fast, but it will happen. Never stop. Work hard and stay dedicated. You must be consistent. Don’t allow yourself to be satisfied until you get exactly what you desire. No, it’s not magic but… weight loss does happen.

The secrets to quick weight loss are in fact simply secrets to health. You’ve got to take care of yourself if you want to retain your weight loss. Don’t attempt to take off too much at once as it is very unhealthy. You should, however try to do some colon cleansing to make sure that there are not other, more serious reasons why you keep putting on weight or can’t seem to lose any weight when on strict diets.