Here are three free ways to spice up your workout and three ways that can spice it up even more but the second lot will cost you a few pounds. There are tons of ways that you can make your workout a little fresher and the only rule is to experiment.

It might be the timings that you play with – add a few sprints, repetitions, long endurance sessions, and short intense bursts. It could be exercises – use bodyweight, add kettlebells/Bulgarian bags/TRX, or do more challenging moves like burpees, a farmer’s walk, or rope climbing. Or perhaps the type of exercise – opting for strength training, cross fit, functional, complex, high intensity intervals, endurance training, contact sports, aerobics, bootcamps, or circuits.

The choices are endless so I am going to keep it simple and give you six moves every couple of weeks that could spice it up and build your repertoire of moves exponentially.

1)      Repeat everything three times with varying or static quantities. The first lot should always push you the most. So a great example would be 75 burpess, followed by 50, followed by 25 to finish. Then you could do the same with squats/press-ups/tricep dips so you are adding a strength move to a cardio one. Scale it down or up to match your ability. If you are new to exercise aim for 10 burpees in each round or replace the burpee with a jumping squat. You could also go for 30 burpees, followed by 30 and finishing with 30. You control the level of challenge you set yourself.

2)      A farmers walk is not used enough today considering how simple and effective it is. All you need is something heavy that you can ideally split in two so you can hold a weight in each arm for balance. You could also hold something above your head. The heavy weight puts stress on the core, working those stabilising muscles, and is also a great strength training exercise for the legs. You could fill up a couple of watering cans with water or sand, pick up a couple of dumb bells, hold up a tyre/chair/barbell above your head. The idea is to walk for as long as possible on a set course backwards and forwards or across a field with the heaviest weight you can manage. Then rest and repeat.

3)      Put your workout into a pyramid. Choose 10 different exercises. Do the first one for 30 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. Then do exercises 1 and 2 together. Then rest for 30 seconds. Then do exercises 1-3 together and rest for 30 seconds. Then exercises 1-4 with a 30 seconds rest. Do this all the way to 10 and rest for a minute before doing all 10 again. If you can throw in one more full set then give it everything you have got and call it a day on move 10. I would probably mix cardio and strength training and do: run on spot, press ups, squats, jumping jacks, jumping lunges, leg raises, plank with alternate arm row, tricep dips, burpees, back extensions. All body weight exercises, all free, and in combination a tough all-rounder.

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