Some call it the “lemonade diet,” others call it the “Master Cleanse” diet.

Whichever you call it, know this: it WORKS!

You will lose weight if you go on this diet and you’ll lose it pretty damned fast but there’s a trade off. You will suffer a little before you feel like a million dollars. The diet is really not a diet at all but rather a colonic cleansing methodology.

The Master Cleanse Lemonade diet is tough. It’s ten days of eating nothing but a special blend of lemons, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and filtered water. You also need to drink a glass of salt water first thing in the morning to induce a bowel movement to get rid of bowel plaque and toxins. Some people have to start and stop this fasting two or three (or more) times before they finally make the entire ten days. Is it worth it? That depends on you.

Do you want to feel a thousand times better, get rid of body toxins, likely get rid of a number of naturally occurring ailments, possibly cure chronic conditions and experience any number of other wonderful things like a tremendous energy boost, have your sex life back, your teeth and gums in great shape and…well, I
could go on but I think you get the idea, right? Yes, you do suffer a little for ten days but the end result is a golden payoff. If you have weird conditions or if you feel deterioration in your body, maybe ten
days of fasting isn’t so bad if it brings back your health, huh?

You be the judge.

Here’s how it works:

Remember that you need to continue heading for your goal, which is a much healthier and slimmer person. I’m speaking of YOU, my friend! Here are the ingredients for the Lemonade (Master Cleansing) diet. I suggest you mix up a couple of gallons at a time in order that you don’t have to mix it up everyday. It will save you a lot of hassle and make the cleansing diet a little easier to accomplish.

Start out with 8 ounces of filtered, un-flouridated purified water. Not just tap water because that has fluorine in it. That would be defeating the purpose of the diet. Then add two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice. Not concentrated or anything out of a bottle or can. Go to the store and buy your lemons or limes (or both). While you’re there buy some Grade B maple syrup. Not Grade A or Grade C or pancake syrup but pure Grade B maple syrup. Add 2 tablespoons of it to your glass of lemonade. Now, one last ingredient: from 1/10th teaspoon to one teaspoon of cayenne pepper. This is where you get your energy so you can make adjustments in that range, depending on your energy level during the diet. Put it all in a 10 ounce glass and mix it together.

That’s for starters. That’s your first glass. Now drink eleven (11) more glasses during the day. Yes, 11 more for a total of 12 glasses a day which equals 120 ounces of “lemonade” every day. Oh, you can also drink filtered water anytime you get a craving to eat between glasses. This will help fill up your gut and suppress feelings of hunger.

So, if you’re going to mix it up one gallon at a time, here’s how it breaks down:

64 ounces of filtered un-fluoridated water, 1 1/2 – 2 cups of freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice, 1 1/2 – 2 cups of Grade B maple syrup and 3/4 cup of cayenne pepper.

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No other food should be consumed at all during the entire ten day period. You don’t have to wait for certain times to drink the lemonade. Just drink it anytime you start feeling hungry.

Now, every night you should drink a cup of the herbal laxative tea of your choice. Sound like it’s trying to clean you out? You’re right, but it’s also supplying you with enough nutrition to keep you going and give you what you need to live and thrive. But, we’re not through yet. Keep reading.

In the morning, when you first wake up, we need for you to take an “oral enema.” That’s right. It sounds gross but we need for you to get rid of those toxins in a big way and this is how it’s done. This flush will consist of two teaspoons of un-iodized sea salt with a quart of lukewarm filtered water.[et_bloom_locked optin_id=”optin_2″]

This high amount of salt in a large volume of water will move quickly through the body grabbing fecal material that may have been in your colon for years. It will pull it out and flush your body of toxins. The bowel movement will take anywhere from about 15 minutes to about two hours. If, however, the BM does not occur, you need to add more to the salt for the next mornings flush but don’t attempt another flush on the same day. Just wait till the next day. It does not taste very good so just open your throat and pour it down. If you try to sip it or drink it like a normal glass of juice of water, you may not finish it, so just gulp it down fast.

Let’s talk about the ingredients and why they are what they are. First off we want to tell you why you need to use Grade B Maple syrup. The body has got to have essential vitamins, minerals and fuel. The maple syrup provides this. Don’t use honey, use Grade B maple syrup and nothing else. Don’t use Grade A maple syrup because it contains less amounts of minerals. Though very rich and sweet, it is not the appropriate Grade of syrup to be used for this cleansing. It is also quite expensive.

Grade C maple syrup is the kind that you put on pancakes. Not enough of anything except sugar. Don’t use it.

What about the lemons?

Lemons contain Bioflavonoids which are a group of plant pigments or “phenolic compounds” and can be found as the reason for the color of many plants and fruits. Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits and tangerines contain bioflavonoids. These bioflavonoids have antioxidants in them that assist the immune system in fighting off diseases by performing neutralization of free radicals. Anti-aging properties are also found in this substance.

The cayenne pepper is used because it breaks up mucus that actually sticks to different parts of the body, including the intestinal walls. Increased blood circulation is the reason many herbalists use it in tonics.
It has also been claimed that Cayenne pepper actually warms up the blood and prodives additional energy.

It has also been shown, in some studies, that cayenne pepper helps to rebuild stomach tissue by assisting the intestines in the elimination and assimilation process.

It is also a known source of vitamins A, C, complete B Complex,. calcium and potassium.

Are you having any type of skin problem, insomnia, kidney or liver problems, bloating, just can’t lose weight, nausea, diarrhea…just about any type of condition? You may be very surprised at how this diet can eliminate those types of problems and get you back on the road to health. No kidding!