How to get rid of belly fat is a question which affecting the vast majority of men and women.

To determine your weight it is important to balance how much calories you intake daily and how much energy you burn.

Eating a lot of calories during the day but having less exercise activity, surely you are on the road to gain some extra weight – as well as the one that no one likes belly fat.

Over the age, belly fat can be increased. The older the people become they start to have less muscle tissues, and even less if they are not exercising.

The lower the muscles your body has, the fewer calories your body will burn. It mean it will be more and more difficult to control your body weight and then the question arises “How to get rid of belly fat”

Now you wonder “How to get rid of belly fat”? You may have seen that some men have less fat stored at their arms and legs. That is due to age that prevents them to store fat there and the fat is stored at their belly. Depending on your gene you might have higher chances to add extra pounds even to become obese. Also your genes can be responsible where your body stores the extra fat.

One way on how to get rid of belly fat is to doing exercises for the belly. But this will not be enough. Belly fat can respond very well when a balanced diet and exercise are combined. Below you may find few tips on “How to get rid of belly fat”:

• Create a weight loss diet menu . The preferred foods in the diet need to be fruits, veggies, whole grains, and the meat needs to be lean and dairy low-fat. You need to exclude consumption of saturated fats, cheese or butter. Your preferred choice of fats needs to be monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats such as fish, nuts and some vegetable oils.

• The next very important tip on how to get rid of belly fat is to have a smaller meal size. No matter that you choose healthier foods, if you have big meal portions you will still add more calories. If you are at home it is easier to reduce the meal portion. If you go to a restaurant it will be better and it is recommended to share your portion. If not then try to consume only one part of the meal, and have the left over take away, and consume it on the next meal.

• Exercise goes hand in hand with the balanced diet to weight loss. “How to get rid of belly fat”? Register at your local gym and start doing some aerobic classes or just get on the treadmill. Try doing at least 3 times a week fat burning exercises. More so you can add to that some weight exercise few times per week. The more you exercise the better and faster your results will be.

• Do not rush to lose the belly fat fast. Better is to lose weight slow so that you can maintain it. Recommended weight loss per week is up to 2 pounds (1kg). Take your time; do not overstress your body to lose weight. You know that if you loose from that body fat it will help you reduce the risk of any further health issues.

• Other important step on how to lose belly fat is to exclude alcohol. You know that most men have a “beer belly” from excessive alcohol. Any alcohol may add up to your belly fat, though we all know that a moderate glass of wine is an exception.