Here at, we aren’t always keen to recommend fast weight loss because it isn’t always a good idea to radically ‘correct’ your body – not only does it give your system a terrible shock, it can be a complete waste of time if you don’t change your lifestyle for the better as this rapid weight loss programme you followed will deliver short term results but could end up forcing you into a yo-yo cycle of dieting, feasting, dieting and so on. This puts even greater pressure on your body and will undoubtedly have a psychological impact on you if you constantly feel like you need to lose weight.

Having said all that, we are keen to offer you tips to lose weight fast that are 100% safe – here are a few of our favourites:

1. Cut down on calories

Obvious but essential. Start taking account for your daily intake and cut down wherever possible. Keep a food diary and identify where you are going wrong so that you can make slight lifestyle tweaks without facing a massive uphill struggle. You will be surprised at how easy the initial stages of weight loss are if you embark on a sensible calorie controlled diet.

2. Look at the bigger picture – remember that there is more to losing weight than starving yourself and in fact this is proven to be damaging to your weight loss goals over a longer period of time. You should also look to incoporate exercise into your weight loss plan as soon as you can even if it is just a short amount of exercise on a daily basis like a brisk walk (i.e. getting off the tube or bus a few stops early and walking) or going for a swim on your lunch hour.

3. Eat more fibre – this is an all too often forgotten way to shed easy pounds. Fibre makes you feel fuller more quickly and for longer because it stays in your stomach for longer bring down the rate of digestion. It helps to shift fat through your system far quicker too because it helps your body to resist digesting the fat and nasty stuff so a single slice of whole grain bread after a meal can be really helpful.

4. Drink water – this can help in two ways; firstly, if you are feeling hungry then head to the fridge and pour yourself a nice big glass of chilled water, drink it as fast as you can. If you still feel hungry after this then grab yourself a healthy snack, if you don’t then you were probably just eating out of want or boredom rather than need. Secondly, drinking plenty of water can help you avoid sugary fizzy drinks which not only helps your weight loss goals but also your teeth. Hydration also helps to cleanse your body (detoxify) and more importantly it assists vital organs like our brain and vital processes like our metabolism. And it’s free!